Razer Edge Pro – Could It Be The Next Gaming Handheld?

I am so happy and enthusiast when Razer announce that they are going to make a gaming tablet. Are you kidding me? Because now I am going able to play my favorite games all the time anywhere I want. A gaming tablet is probably the only thing that gamers want now. You could imagine its great possibility on making our gaming session easier to do. Now I have the products and ready to give my opinion about it. The price is expensive and might be not worth for everyone, but we need to see how well it performs.


The specification is quite good and you could find the most parts on many gaming laptop. It has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. Those two things are good enough for playing games at full HD on small or medium setting, but don’t expect any great thing from it. For the GPU itself it has Geforce GT 640 LE which is the lower version that we can find on the laptop. The most obvious difference is the power consumption which is cut off to make it usable on tablet and also reduce the heat. The result on the performance is quite difference, but it doesn’t also make it weak. They really make a great choice on the display because the view angle and the saturation is really good. The display is vivid and so great to see.

It is also included with a gamepad that makes us easier to play any game on windows or tablet mode. I did not have any problem, but we need to customize the control with the gamepad. The process s is easy and you won’t have any problem on setting it.

Gaming Test

This is the most part and I am looking for. I buy this one to play the game and that is why I am going to put some stress on it. I have started by running some old games such as Bioshock Infinite to see the performance. I did not have problem on playing it and I am getting 40-45 FPS on medium setting. The next I tried to play GTA 5 with medium setting the result is similar. It’s playable even on the crowded one. I could say the gaming part is great if you don’t have any great thing to expect. The only thing that you need to know is the heat. It’s really hot when you are playing some games for long duration, so be ware since the tablet is fan-less.

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