Some Tips On Smoking Brisket

There are so much time that I have spent in order to learn how to smoke this tough meat in the right way.  I guess most of people are doing the same thing for this case to get the best result for this meat.  You probably know that people do not too prefer this meat because of some reasons. But it does not mean that you have to stop smoking of this meat. You have to taste it by yourself to know how greatly it tastes. I was so amazed when I taste it for the first time since I never taste something that great on my life. I talked to myself and said that I have to master the technique.

Based on my experience and some tips that I got from my friends and the event that I have ever visited I am going to show you some great tips that you could do on getting the best result for your brisket. The tips are not much, but I am sure that it would be helpful for many people who is not familiar with this case. So, let see the topic and see if its working for yourself.

The Quality Of Brisket

You have to know that the quality of brisket is really important to consider. Many people seem forget about this case and they keep talking the seasoning and the process without talking anything about the meat quality. That is why I have to stress that picking the right meat is so important for the end result. Pick any brisket that you think is good.  You would know it easily if the meat is good or not just by seeing the condition.  You could ask the recommendation from the owner to know which one is the best for yourself. I am sure they would pick you the best one.

Make It Simple

Never ever think that put some complicated ingredients would make the taste better.  That is not the case that would make it happen. You have to know that even putting some simple things that would make it taste so amazing.  You could make it simple by putting some salts and pepper or use some other basic alternatives as the main ingredient.  You could see the result is better when you are doing this one. At last, do not spend all of your time on preparing the seasoning because that is not the only thing that you have to consider.

Do It Slowly

Cooking brisket would be so long, so just enjoy the process and keep its right temperature.  Basically it would take some hours to finish and you have to be patient with it.  You also need to know that brisket should taste like just the meat and do not like a smoke. Means that you do not have to expose it with smoke too much. Just make it naturally since it is going to be the best one for you.

Use Cardboard

Why do I need a cardboard on cooking the brisket? Well, there is a problem when meat is exposed to the fire for such a long time. You have to see the bottom of your brisket. You would find that the bottom of your brisket would be burned.  That is why you need a cardboard to make it does not happen. You could cook it on the rectangle and you could see the different result from it.  I have tried it for many times and it is always worked.

Keep The Air Flowing

Always make a space for your brisket for some inches. This would keep the air circulation better.  Keeping the air circulation better is always good to be considered.  This thing even would be better if you have a home smoker.  Just doing that thing to make the air circulation always good during the process, I am sure the result will be great.

Keep It On The Right Way

First you have to keep the moist for the getting the best result and then get the right temperature for it. The right temperature should be for around 190 degrees and that is what you are going need to do.  You could touch the brisket by using your fork to see if it’s ready to be served.

Final Thought

Those are my top recommendations for smoking brisket.  I am pretty sure that doing what I said would be helpful on cooking your brisket. There are lots of things to consider, but just take it slowly and enjoy the whole process. Soon, you are able to master it in the no time as long as you follow the right thing. If you have some secrets for doing this thing, then I would be very happy to know it from you. You could leave comment and suggestion on this article.


Chuwi Hi 10 Pro Review

I already made my own review for Racer gaming tablet and you probably know that the product is too expensive for most people to buy. So rather than buying expensive tablet, why don’t you make your choice on cheap one with good performance, I am not talking about 300 or 400 dollars one, but we are going to show you the best windows tablet for only 200 dollars. I am not joking here because the price is really cheap. You might be worry about the performance, so let’s make the test to see the performance and everything about it.

Build Quality

This is would be the most people concern of buying any cheap product. Well, I have to say the build quality is not great since everything made by plastic, but it is well enough for this price and it is working good after I did some drop test. Beside than cheap made plastic design, the tablet actually having a fantastic thing on the display, the display is using full HD resolution and it’s pretty vivid and clear even when I am using it under the sunlight. I set it the lowest brightness and I can still clearly see the whole text and images. I did not having much problem on the screen and it is really top notch.

The design is pretty slim and as the result, we are not going to see any 2.0 or 3.0 USB, but they change it with micro USB and also micro HDMI. It is good, but I found some problems on connecting some of my devices, so i suggest you to buy some USB converter.


For doing any business or personal work it’s doing well, but I did not have any right point for playing games on it because the processor is low. Even though I have tested some games on it, but the performance is not that good. I tried to play Minecraft on HD setting and I still get some 30 FPS in gameplay. then, I move to next game which is more resourceful such as Dota 2 and the tablet start to get some stuttering. I need to set it to the lower resolution and make the setting to the lowest. Its good, but not the best place for playing games, the processor is using Intel x5 with 1.44 GHZ clock an then supported by 4G RAM and 64 GB EMMC. This is going to be the right choice for personal laptop and not gaming laptop.

HP 15 D020NR – The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop?


Choosing a cheap gaming laptop is not an easy task to since they are offering the same choices with the same specs again and again. I could find so many of them that coming from different companies, but I am so surprised that they give us the entirely same specs, but with different prices and marketing. That is why we really need to be careful on choosing and you might be like one of my friends who bought a cheap gaming laptop, but it could not run even older games with good performance. He is fall into their fake marketing where the company said that it was good for gaming, but the reality comes into different. If you really want to do some gaming on your laptop, never ever to choose one with Intel HD because you really know how terrible the performance is. They might be coming from I5 or even I7 series, but the performance would be entirely similar since they are considered as an integrated card. The only thing that makes me interested on HP 15-d020nr is because it’s packed with AMD 8330. Its might not the fastest one, but it is good for light gaming. To see it deeper, let’s see how well it performs.

Design And Specs

In term of design I feel it’s pretty rugged and I see that they are placing the good material on it. I guess they are working really well on proving cheap laptop, but with good material. The only thing that I don’t like is the weight. It feels so heavy and it might be not easy to carry it around with your traveler bag. So it might be little wise to only use it indoor unless you want to spend of your extra energy on bringing it because it would be pretty tough. The design itself is pretty nice and I don’t see any complaint for it. The total black design is mixed together to make the products looks premium even though the whole material is made from plastic.

Now let’s talk about the specs. It is always been the battle between AMD and Intel for this case, but for now I am going to choose AMD since they offer better performance with the reasonable price. The laptop itself is packed with AMD A4 quad core with 1.5 GHZ clock. The clock is pretty low and I don’t find any way to overclock it. First, I did not have any problem on gaming, but I don’t want to stick with the lower setting and want to put some effort on overclocking, but once again I cannot do it since everything that I try is not working well. For the GPU itself is pretty beast with the price since we are not getting any integrated card on it. Radeon HD 8330 is quite powerful on running some great games on low or med setting. I even try to compare it with Intel HD 4000 and the performance is even better than what I thought. The rest parts are also good with 1366×768 display and 4GB RAM. You would not get the same price with same specs in other competitor.

Operating System

This is going to be its drawback since its packed with old Windows 8.1 and you don’t have any chance to upgrade it only if you want to buy new windows. I could still able to stick it for few years, but their update would be cut off in few years. So if you consider to buy this laptop, then you might need to buy new Windows 10 license since it offers better performance and better optimization for gaming.

I already upgrade it Windows 10 and all of the drivers are working well. Make sure you download the latest version from AMD website since the old driver is not good enough for daily driver. One thing that you should know about the update, AMD is always supporting their product longer than what Intel do with their most products. So don’t be worry because they are going to make update as long as they could. This is what makes AMD is better than Intel.


First, don’t expect to run some of games on high setting because they are not going to happen. I tried some of older and newer games to see the performance. The first game that I try is Minecraft since the game is pretty great on taking resource. The result is quite good with almost 40 to 60 FPS performance. I even use the online feature with my friend and it still runs great. Minecraft is great, but what about the other games. To make sure the performance is really that good; I decided to try GTA 5 on it. At first, I did not expect much on it, but I found it is surprisingly good. I set the setting on the lowest and HD resolution and I was getting almost stable 30 FPS in some cases. I only get some frame drops on crowded place and in the center of city, but I could say that the performance is well enough and the game is playable.

If you are getting this laptop for some light gaming on some rarely cases, then you should count it on this one. Some of games such as DOTA 2, CS G0, GTA 5 and Minecraft are playable on the low or mid setting. You have to adjust the game setting a little, but the result would be great.


I don’t have any other recommendation for a cheap gaming laptop beside than this one. It’s pretty interesting to see how HP can bring the decent performance with a cheap price. The product is going to be the answered for many gamers that want a good gaming laptop with a cheap price. You would get some lack points such as old Windows and decent keyboard, but the overall performance and great built are the key that makes it as pretty solid choice. I don’t have much anything to talk about and you really have to test it with your own to see how well it performs. At last, thank you for spending time on reading this article and have a great time on look at it.

Razer Edge Pro – Could It Be The Next Gaming Handheld?

I am so happy and enthusiast when Razer announce that they are going to make a gaming tablet. Are you kidding me? Because now I am going able to play my favorite games all the time anywhere I want. A gaming tablet is probably the only thing that gamers want now. You could imagine its great possibility on making our gaming session easier to do. Now I have the products and ready to give my opinion about it. The price is expensive and might be not worth for everyone, but we need to see how well it performs.


The specification is quite good and you could find the most parts on many gaming laptop. It has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. Those two things are good enough for playing games at full HD on small or medium setting, but don’t expect any great thing from it. For the GPU itself it has Geforce GT 640 LE which is the lower version that we can find on the laptop. The most obvious difference is the power consumption which is cut off to make it usable on tablet and also reduce the heat. The result on the performance is quite difference, but it doesn’t also make it weak. They really make a great choice on the display because the view angle and the saturation is really good. The display is vivid and so great to see.

It is also included with a gamepad that makes us easier to play any game on windows or tablet mode. I did not have any problem, but we need to customize the control with the gamepad. The process s is easy and you won’t have any problem on setting it.

Gaming Test

This is the most part and I am looking for. I buy this one to play the game and that is why I am going to put some stress on it. I have started by running some old games such as Bioshock Infinite to see the performance. I did not have problem on playing it and I am getting 40-45 FPS on medium setting. The next I tried to play GTA 5 with medium setting the result is similar. It’s playable even on the crowded one. I could say the gaming part is great if you don’t have any great thing to expect. The only thing that you need to know is the heat. It’s really hot when you are playing some games for long duration, so be ware since the tablet is fan-less.

5 Best Brands of Gaming Computer Desks
5 Best Brands of Gaming Computer Desks

Computer laptop can be found easily in the furniture stores. However, it should be adjusted to your purpose. Gaming computer desks should be stronger than office computer desks. So, you have to make sure that the computer desk you buy has high quality. To know whether it has high quality or not, it can be seen from the brand. Computer desk brands that have good popularity usually always produce high quality products. Therefore, the first thing that you have to decide when you want to buy a computer desk is brand. In this article, I will help you to find the best brand that you should prioritize.

Bush Furniture Gaming Computer Desk
Bush furniture is the most recommended brand for computer desk. This gaming computer desk brand has become the best option more than 50 years. This brand does not only produce computer desk but also other kinds of furniture. One of the reasons why people choose this brand is because they always offer products of computer desk that come with premium surface, soft close hinges and perfect wire management. Those features become professional touches offered by this computer desk.

Bush Business Furniture or also well known as BBF always gives solution to those who need furniture with high quality including computer desks for gamers. Besides that, even though their products are high quality, the prices offered are still reasonable. They produce computer desks in different models or designs so that you can choose the most appropriate one for you. Their products also come in various finishes that you can choose based on your desire. Anyway, this brad should be prioritized because there are many people who have proven it.

Altra Furniture Gaming Computer Desk

This is the second option that is also recommended so much. It has become a great brand of furniture. Their products are made by talented designers who offer brilliant concepts. Altra Furniture produce some types of furniture but they commonly focus on furniture for entertainment category including gaming computer desks, TV stands, theatre system, and some other products of furniture. Besides that, they are also well known with their affordable desks including computer desks. You can buy their computer desks either on store or online because there are many people who sell their products.

Z-Line Designs Gaming Computer Desk

The next best brand of computer desk is Z-Line Designs. As its name, their products come with Z shape. They produce computer desks with Z-shaped legs. That is why this brand is identical to the Z shape. It may look very unique for some people so that it is appropriate for you who want to have a unique computer desk shape. It is good for modern style, too. However, this brand does not only prioritize the unique shape but also the quality. The desks produced by Z-Line Designs are always comfortable, strong and durable so that it is good for gamers.

Sauder Gaming Computer Desk
Sauder can also be considered as one of the best brands of gaming desk. This company is located in the US and established in 1934. Then, it grows become a great company and one of the best in America. Their products come with a big catalog including ample selection. The low prices also become one of the reasons why people love their products. The prices are at the ranges between 250 to 500 dollars. If you are looking for a mid-priced desk, I suggest you to choose one that is made from hardwood.

TechniMobili Gaming Computer Desk
TechniMobili Gaming Desk
This is another best brand that I recommend to you. It is owned by a USA distribution point named RTA Products, located in Florida. Besides the high quality, their services are also satisfying. If you buy from the company directly, the shipping will not more than 24 hours. So, you do not need to wait for the shipping too long. Besides that, they are also popular with the L-shaped computer desks. In addition, they also offer great warranty. Usually, the warranty is valid for 3 or 5 years.

That is all the best brands of gaming computer desks that you have to know. So, when you are looking for a computer desk, you can choose one of the brands above. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with their products.

Gaming computer desks are various. That is why you have to choose the best one. The most recommended options include Bush Furniture, Altra Furniture, Z-Line Designs, Sauder, and TechniMobili.

Some Tips to Protect Longevity of Your LED Television

LED TVLED television nowadays becomes the favorite choice, especially when people want to have the new television as the electronic property in their home. It is common because LED television offer some great new features to make you interesting in watching television. However, it is important for you knowing the way to protect longevity of it in order to have the durable television. Here, I have some kinds of its way, which maybe can be the alternative for you. Read all matter below.

Turn off the television when there is no one

One of the simple matters, which you can do in order to protect the longevity of your LED television, is by turning of the television when there is no one watch it. Sometimes, people still turn on the television although they are in sleeping or going outside. This simple matter is nice to do because you can decrease the risk of overheating of LED engine. In other hand, turning off the television also will be nice to decrease the bill of your electricity.

Adjust brightness

Adjusting brightness is one of thing you can do when you want to protect the longevity of your LED. The manufacture says that reducing the brightness of the LED television will be nice to cut 60,000 hours operation to 30,000 hours operation. See the big difference of it there. In other hand, reducing the brightness also will be nice to decrease the risk of problem of eye. Just go to the setting of television and readjust the level of the brightness.

Adjust contrast

Beside the brightness, it is also nice when you also adjust the contrast of your LED television. Yes, you need to know here that the higher contrast you apply in your LED television, the more power that you LED television need in operation. Adjusting the contrast will be nice to reduce the power of your LED television. Although there are some default choices of contrast setting, such as dynamic or vivid, I think the standard setting is still the best choice for you.

Use voltage regulator

The last kind of the easy thing to do in protecting the longevity of LED television, is applying the voltage regulator. We all know that LED television has the better power management than the previous version of television. However, the voltage regulator is nice; especially to stable the electricity condition and it will be effective to decrease the heating risk.

Knowing the way to protect the longevity of LED television is important to get the durable television inside your home.