Chuwi Hi 10 Pro Review

I already made my own review for Racer gaming tablet and you probably know that the product is too expensive for most people to buy. So rather than buying expensive tablet, why don’t you make your choice on cheap one with good performance, I am not talking about 300 or 400 dollars one, but we are going to show you the best windows tablet for only 200 dollars. I am not joking here because the price is really cheap. You might be worry about the performance, so let’s make the test to see the performance and everything about it.

Build Quality

This is would be the most people concern of buying any cheap product. Well, I have to say the build quality is not great since everything made by plastic, but it is well enough for this price and it is working good after I did some drop test. Beside than cheap made plastic design, the tablet actually having a fantastic thing on the display, the display is using full HD resolution and it’s pretty vivid and clear even when I am using it under the sunlight. I set it the lowest brightness and I can still clearly see the whole text and images. I did not having much problem on the screen and it is really top notch.

The design is pretty slim and as the result, we are not going to see any 2.0 or 3.0 USB, but they change it with micro USB and also micro HDMI. It is good, but I found some problems on connecting some of my devices, so i suggest you to buy some USB converter.


For doing any business or personal work it’s doing well, but I did not have any right point for playing games on it because the processor is low. Even though I have tested some games on it, but the performance is not that good. I tried to play Minecraft on HD setting and I still get some 30 FPS in gameplay. then, I move to next game which is more resourceful such as Dota 2 and the tablet start to get some stuttering. I need to set it to the lower resolution and make the setting to the lowest. Its good, but not the best place for playing games, the processor is using Intel x5 with 1.44 GHZ clock an then supported by 4G RAM and 64 GB EMMC. This is going to be the right choice for personal laptop and not gaming laptop.

HP 15 D020NR – The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop?


Choosing a cheap gaming laptop is not an easy task to since they are offering the same choices with the same specs again and again. I could find so many of them that coming from different companies, but I am so surprised that they give us the entirely same specs, but with different prices and marketing. That is why we really need to be careful on choosing and you might be like one of my friends who bought a cheap gaming laptop, but it could not run even older games with good performance. He is fall into their fake marketing where the company said that it was good for gaming, but the reality comes into different. If you really want to do some gaming on your laptop, never ever to choose one with Intel HD because you really know how terrible the performance is. They might be coming from I5 or even I7 series, but the performance would be entirely similar since they are considered as an integrated card. The only thing that makes me interested on HP 15-d020nr is because it’s packed with AMD 8330. Its might not the fastest one, but it is good for light gaming. To see it deeper, let’s see how well it performs.

Design And Specs

In term of design I feel it’s pretty rugged and I see that they are placing the good material on it. I guess they are working really well on proving cheap laptop, but with good material. The only thing that I don’t like is the weight. It feels so heavy and it might be not easy to carry it around with your traveler bag. So it might be little wise to only use it indoor unless you want to spend of your extra energy on bringing it because it would be pretty tough. The design itself is pretty nice and I don’t see any complaint for it. The total black design is mixed together to make the products looks premium even though the whole material is made from plastic.

Now let’s talk about the specs. It is always been the battle between AMD and Intel for this case, but for now I am going to choose AMD since they offer better performance with the reasonable price. The laptop itself is packed with AMD A4 quad core with 1.5 GHZ clock. The clock is pretty low and I don’t find any way to overclock it. First, I did not have any problem on gaming, but I don’t want to stick with the lower setting and want to put some effort on overclocking, but once again I cannot do it since everything that I try is not working well. For the GPU itself is pretty beast with the price since we are not getting any integrated card on it. Radeon HD 8330 is quite powerful on running some great games on low or med setting. I even try to compare it with Intel HD 4000 and the performance is even better than what I thought. The rest parts are also good with 1366×768 display and 4GB RAM. You would not get the same price with same specs in other competitor.

Operating System

This is going to be its drawback since its packed with old Windows 8.1 and you don’t have any chance to upgrade it only if you want to buy new windows. I could still able to stick it for few years, but their update would be cut off in few years. So if you consider to buy this laptop, then you might need to buy new Windows 10 license since it offers better performance and better optimization for gaming.

I already upgrade it Windows 10 and all of the drivers are working well. Make sure you download the latest version from AMD website since the old driver is not good enough for daily driver. One thing that you should know about the update, AMD is always supporting their product longer than what Intel do with their most products. So don’t be worry because they are going to make update as long as they could. This is what makes AMD is better than Intel.


First, don’t expect to run some of games on high setting because they are not going to happen. I tried some of older and newer games to see the performance. The first game that I try is Minecraft since the game is pretty great on taking resource. The result is quite good with almost 40 to 60 FPS performance. I even use the online feature with my friend and it still runs great. Minecraft is great, but what about the other games. To make sure the performance is really that good; I decided to try GTA 5 on it. At first, I did not expect much on it, but I found it is surprisingly good. I set the setting on the lowest and HD resolution and I was getting almost stable 30 FPS in some cases. I only get some frame drops on crowded place and in the center of city, but I could say that the performance is well enough and the game is playable.

If you are getting this laptop for some light gaming on some rarely cases, then you should count it on this one. Some of games such as DOTA 2, CS G0, GTA 5 and Minecraft are playable on the low or mid setting. You have to adjust the game setting a little, but the result would be great.


I don’t have any other recommendation for a cheap gaming laptop beside than this one. It’s pretty interesting to see how HP can bring the decent performance with a cheap price. The product is going to be the answered for many gamers that want a good gaming laptop with a cheap price. You would get some lack points such as old Windows and decent keyboard, but the overall performance and great built are the key that makes it as pretty solid choice. I don’t have much anything to talk about and you really have to test it with your own to see how well it performs. At last, thank you for spending time on reading this article and have a great time on look at it.